Monday, February 19, 2007

Opening Post--Week 1 and 2, #1-3

I am really late on starting this program, but better late than never right? The critical question is, will I be able to carry on to the last of 23 things? It seems a bit challenging to me. I shall try.

I listened to the first podcast, twice actually. In the beginning there was some trouble connecting to it then when I switched to FireFox it worked.

I Listened to the second podcast and viewed the Seven and ½ Habits tutorial. Among more than one habits that are difficult for me, what stands out is "view problems as challenges". Too often I find myself avoiding finding resolutions by working around them. The easiest habit may be "teach/mentor others". I really enjoy teaching or showing other people what I learned and receiving feedbacks or knowledge I wasn't aware of initially, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

On a separate note, I cannot agree more that people learn through playing. I almost forgot about that until I had my son. This 2-year-old is my inspiration on learning. He's not only more creative on exploring but also more persistant on problem-solving.

I set up this blog account in January. It was a fairly simple process except I wasn't able to get the name I truly wanted, and I almost forgot my password after only so long. Now that I think I'm ready to go, I will register my blog with the Virtual Services Team and begin this journey.